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BabyFace Skin Care Treatment

BabyFace Treatment

We all, at some point, have looked back at a picture of our younger selves and conclude that we didn’t appreciate our youthfulness. We see those pictures and remember how, back then, we thought we were a little thicker, our hair wasn’t long enough, or wish for the body we used to have! Why did we ever think our thighs weren’t toned enough?

We can look at our skin from back in the day and reminisce on how easy it was to care for it and how little-to-no amount of makeup was needed for it to glow. How beautiful was it to be young and moderately carefree? 

Even so, I can’t stop (or better yet, I refuse to quit) enjoying my present journey. Yes, I have to work harder to tone some areas gravity has tried to overtake, and it is a given that my skin needs extra help to stay youthful. However, the joy that comes from investing in these things is time I choose not to skip. Beautiful skin is cultivated, cared for with love and consistency.

The Babyface Treatment

Babyface Treatment is a technology created to heal the skin with Integrity Amniotic Fluids (Integrity AF). This carefully tested and donated fluid (from mothers who delivered via scheduled cesarean section) is rich in nutrients and other powerful growth factors—to promote healthy, glowing skin, stimulate collagen production, and boost antioxidant activity and circulation, all while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and assisting the healing process, minimizing recovery time. Now we can say having a babyface is no longer out of reach.

This top-of-the-line service is delivered using a micro-Hydra Needle to infuse the Integrity AF into the skin and is completed by applying a Hydra-Cell Mask to seal the treatment and reduce redness and inflammation.

This is a must ladies—we should all try it! Babyface treatments are highly detailed and very sophisticated. Every guest deserves an ‘Elite,’ delicate but effective, way to achieve healthier, brighter, hydrated, and younger-looking skin. 

The best part of all of this is? You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Women worldwide travel this path every day of every year, and we have no problem telling the world exactly how we feel about it.

We not only find partnership in other beautiful women but, also, in the products with which we nurture our skin. Everything that touches us should be carefully evaluated, so why not look more into the products and techniques that are new out there? What can genuinely work for me? And as an added bonus, what can help me reach my goals?

I believe there is always more to explore, so let me offer you a possibility for radiant, more youthful skin.

As always, Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center is on your side and ready to help you reach your skin care goals. The journey isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely worth it! Our Elite team is rooting for you! Cheers to you living your dream this new year. Reach all the goals you set, and do it with beautiful skin!

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