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There is so much stigma about sunscreen. So many questions. To such an extent, if I were to try and give you all the information at once, you’d feel completely overwhelmed. It would be sort of like reading an old-school newspaper—you know, like the ones that stain your fingers with ink—but instead of different articles, all the information is about the same thing. That’s a lot of words on one topic, and who is trying

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes You may have heard of the concept “80/20” before, but if you haven’t, I will give you a little background.  This is a simple idea that gives us the key to successful change: “80/20” means 20% professional assistance and 80% daily discipline.  The 80/20 skincare rule.   We have found the best way for you to succeed in achieving your 20%, as well as your 80%, is by partnering with

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