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We have all, at some point, used this phrase: “I need to start working out.” Whether we have or haven’t been successful with those intentions, rest assured, it won’t be a topic of discussion in this blog. ;)  Every human being knows the amazing benefits of an active lifestyle, including weight management, endorphin release (happy hormones), muscle strength, and overall wellness. These are just a few of my favorites; you can add all of yours to

We all, at some point, have looked back at a picture of our younger selves and conclude that we didn’t appreciate our youthfulness. We see those pictures and remember how, back then, we thought we were a little thicker, our hair wasn’t long enough, or wish for the body we used to have! Why did we ever think our thighs weren’t toned enough? We can look at our skin from back in the day and reminisce

I think one of the hardest things to hear, especially when it regards your health is “there is nothing we can do about it.” Or maybe you’ve had to hear “there is no cure.” The feeling of hopelessness and defeat can be overwhelming. I empathize with any of our Elite family members who have received these words. I genuinely hope and pray you to find comfort and peace and never lose faith throughout your health

With fall already upon us, especially Texas’ version of fall, we get to love the coming changes. The colors of our surroundings are shifting, the wind carries a cooler breeze, and if you enjoy layers as much as I do, fall fashion is here!  On the other hand, we know this beautiful picture-perfect season also ushers in a transformation of our skin: make-up needs may be different, and most of us need to switch our body

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Have you ever read about that persistent, tiny drop of water? You know, the one that made a significant change in the surface of rock over time, eroding a significant path, showing everyone how powerful water can be. I bet you know the story. I have used it so many times to inspire others about the benefit of discipline and consistency, but today that story will take another route. It’s

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Not too long ago, I had to go to the doctor for my annual wellness visit for women. To my surprise, they added an extra element to the room, a Sound Bath, which I am guessing had the intention of making this experience a little less uncomfortable (and more relaxing). I do not know why I began to laugh at this little surprise. Maybe, in my mind, I could not

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes If you and I were sitting together in a coffee shop trying to get to know each other, most likely when our conversation turned to be about me, it would start with three questions -- Who are you? What is Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center? What makes Elite different? I would love to answer this for you as we enjoy our coffee… Who are you? My name is Tonya. I am wife

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