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There is something poetic about the connection humanity collectively shares, our differences often bringing us to the realization of how similar we are beneath the surface. Love communicates above everything else—a language with its own unique dialect. When we celebrate individuality, we discover we are only unique when we have others around us who appreciate the differences setting us apart. We are connected to others from the day we come into existence, and we will

I’m stressed out simply thinking about writing on this topic. I felt the urge to share what causes stress in our lives, but to be honest, what’s the point of curating a list? We all experience stress, so each of us has a list—maybe a long one—don’t we? Stress is inevitable. A “normal” amount of stress can be a useful tool, and some people even call it a good thing, motivating even. And there’s certainly something

Growing up, after a long bike ride in the neighborhood, I’d come home and open the fridge. I’d always go for the juice. Maybe I just loved the sweet taste, but I did think the water was boring. What kid doesn’t? As soon as I’d grab that juice, it seems some secret grown-up alarm would go off in my grandmother’s head, and she’d scream, “Water, not juice!!!” I now realize that pure water, along with

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” -Plato We can all agree that beauty is biased—a perspective—reliant on the acquired tastes of each human being. We have waves of trends that continually try to convince us how certain kinds of fashion are in. But these trends fail to capture what beauty truly is, or in many cases, what it can be. Some people prefer mountains while others prefer the beach. Some prefer floral prints in decorating,

Well, just like that, the holidays are over, and a new year has begun. Welcome, 2021!  During this time of the year, the search for higher salaries, conversations about fitness goals, and the quest for weight loss have begun—exercising, more sleep, meal prepping, fewer carbs, more vegetables, and on and on and on… The thought of it all makes me tired, honestly. We know that we need all of these in order to have a healthy

We can’t blame Newton for the effects of gravity, he only discovered the law. Gravity affects everyone and everything, pulling relentlessly toward Earth’s center (unfortunately, down for our skin). We appreciate it for so many great and obvious things—for others, not so much. You can easily observe the effects of gravity when everything that used to be firm in your body and sharp and tight on your face is no longer in desired condition. We know

Waxing, sugaring, shaving, applying depilatory or bleaching creams, and tweezing, among other things, are a never-ending body and/or facial hair maintenance story far too familiar for many of us. All these hair removal methods involve the potential for pain, rashes, ingrown hairs, and itching, not to mention the amount of time needed—a lot of time—and did I mention pain already? I can remember the story my mom told me about  how shaving under my arms

When most men hear the word “spa,” they automatically think about a place for women—flower-scented candles, bubble baths, and French nails (even though they might not know that is the technical name for nails with a white tip!). So, let’s go straight to the point: 90% of medical spa clientele in the United States are women, which results in predominant targeted marketing strategies for women and their skin care. If you’ll pardon the generalizations, women

You may have heard of the concept “80/20” before, but if you haven’t, I will give you a little background.  This is a simple idea that gives us the key to successful change: “80/20” means 20% professional assistance and 80% daily discipline.  The 80/20 skincare rule.   We have found the best way for you to succeed in achieving your 20%, as well as your 80% is by partnering with a reputiable cosmetic skincare clinic,

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