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Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

What is laser hair removal? Well, we’re glad you asked! As the name suggests, it is hair removal with a laser. But, it goes much deeper than that—pun intended… laser hair removal penetrates through the layers of the skin to kill off the hair follicle at its root.


… temporarily eliminates unwanted body hair and leaves behind smooth, sexy skin. If you’re tired of shaving, tweezing, and plucking, this treatment is right for you.

Let’s break it down. Our hair is visible on the surface of our skin, but there is also quite a bit going on beneath that we cannot see. Hair grows from a tiny pouch-like structure called a hair follicle in three phases. That hair follicle must be in active growth for a laser to remove it and end hair growth for long periods. We recommend 6-8 treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart based on the area you would like treated, to get you to your desired smooth, hairless skin results. This is why we focus on well-priced packages compared to others in our area.


Clients always ask us: Can I do laser hair removal, or is my hair too thick, light, or dark? Am I a good candidate, or is my skin too light or dark? Our answer is always a resounding YES! Hair removal is possible on all skin types. We’ve heard from clients with more melanin in their skin that they are under the impression they cannot get laser hair removal. False! This treatment is excellent for all skin types—we have a laser for that!

At Elite, our lasers are great for all skin types, specifically darker-pigmented ones. Laser hair removal should be pain-free, and these lasers ensure that we effectively treat your hair concerns and create a comfortable experience. Our treatment providers are here to provide you with the best possible outcome to loving the skin you are in.


Why should you trust Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center with your hair removal needs? We know you have many options for med spas in the Spring, Texas, and The Woodlands area. We are different because of our staff, facility atmosphere, and prices, and our clients become family to us. Please don’t take our word for it; let us show you!

Examples of recommended treatment packages:
    1. Six treatments of a small area of the body—any area like your chin or lip.
    2. Six treatments of a medium area of the body—any area like your lower face, neck, or underarms.
    3. Six treatments of a large area of the body—any area like your lower legs, or brazillian.
    4. Six treatments of an extra large area of the body—any area like your full legs. Our male clients love our chest, stomach, and full back treatments.

AND, bonus! Our Elite members have monthly access to special pricing on treatments, including laser hair removal!



What should I expect during treatment?

Our advanced laser technology removes hair quickly while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding skin.  During treatment, we will apply a cooling gel to the treated areas. A hand-held laser is then placed against the skin and activated, sending gentle light pulses into the hair follicles to damage and remove the hair.  This process is generally painless and quick. Our treatment providers have performed more than 50,000 treatments and have extensive knowledge of all skin types. So, you are in the right hands!

What are the pros of getting laser hair removal?

While it’s not permanent, laser hair removal drastically reduces hair growth on your body.  Plus, the treatment can be done anywhere on the body that hair grows.  Laser hair removal is an ideal treatment to diminish unwanted hair growth from your legs to your underarms to your bikini line.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The only way to permanently remove hair is to destroy the hair follicle, but it can be challenging to destroy every follicle. You can expect some hair in the targeted area to grow back, so we recommend multiple treatments. Sometimes, the heat from the laser will only damage a follicle, and sometimes, the hairs are too light, short, or resistant to treatment. When the hair regrows, it is possible to treat the area again to remove it.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Hair grows differently because of many different factors. Your provider will assess your hair and skin before the treatment to determine the right plan for the best results. Laser hair removal is typically well-tolerated. It can feel like a prickling sensation on the skin. Immediately after treatment, the skin may appear pink and slightly swollen, as though your skin has a sunburn. But your skin should return to normal within 72 hours.

Before treatment, our medical staff will inform you of all risks or possible side effects of laser hair removal. Results may vary from person to person, but with regular treatment, laser hair removal effectively manages unwanted body hair over several months or years.

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