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Teen Acne

Those Teenage Years…Acne and All

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I can close my eyes and see my 8th grade junior prom picture. Beautiful, slick, black hair. My dress was a light mint green with little rhinestones on the spaghetti straps. I paired the dress with silver shoes (don’t judge, it was my mother’s idea, and it was the 90s!). I bet you had them, too! Lol!

But the makeup? Oh, Lord! I look 10 years older in those pictures because of the massive amount of foundation the makeup artist had to use to cover them. Who is “them,” you ask? The pimples—a young person’s archenemy. Gotta love puberty! I wish my mom and I had more information on how to deal with this issue back then. Even though I thought I looked great, my confidence was a little shaken, to be honest.

Now we know that not all acne issues are related to puberty. There can be hormonal imbalances in our bodies, among other things. But what can we do to help make things a little easier for the next generation without needing to use Instagram filters?

Three Tips to Alleviate Teen Acne Issues
  1. Change your pillowcase often, ideally every two days, but twice a week may be more realistic. This small action results in the prevention of the build-up of sweat, oils, and other bacteria, helping keep the face as clean as possible and preventing cross-contamination.
  1. Keep your hair off your face. Our scalp produces oil, and even though it is great for the hair, it is horrible for the face. Hair oils can clog your pores and cause more breakouts.
  1. Ask your Elite Provider for an at-home skin care routine. Over-the-counter products can contain abrasive chemicals and perfumes, which can irritate your skin.
Facial Cleaner or Soap for Acne? That is the Question.

Body soap is not made to be used on the face. Certain parts of our bodies have a thinner layer of skin, making it more fragile, like the skin on the face. Body soaps tend to strip the moisture in the skin, causing dryness. This can lead to the overproduction of oil in the skin, meaning what? Yep, more breakouts. That’s why using a different cleanser on your face is recommended. Using facial cleansers with the correct ingredients will keep the skin moisturized, healthy, and clean.

These small tips can be applied immediately for you at home. The next and most valuable tip is to make an appointment with us at Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center right away! With acne, it doesn’t just affect us while it’s active; it can leave behind scars that stay forever. 

Like many other skin challenges, one size doesn’t fit all. That is why I can’t make a generalized recommendation in this blog. But I can say with certainty that our Elite team is ready to create a plan for your teenager to help him or her feel golden. 

The teenage years bring their own set of challenges. Struggling against acne shouldn’t be one of them. 

To ALL our Elite teenagers: Shine bright this school year, and leave a beautiful mark in the hearts of those around you. We Believe in you!

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