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The Heart of Elite

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There is something poetic about the connection humanity collectively shares, our differences often bringing us to the realization of how similar we are beneath the surface. Love communicates above everything else—a language with its own unique dialect. When we celebrate individuality, we discover we are only unique when we have others around us who appreciate the differences setting us apart. We are connected to others from the day we come into existence, and we will be connected until the day we pass from the Earth.  

That being said, history is in the making… 

Let’s put all of this background into a perspective relevant to you. A team is a composition of unique people working toward a shared vision, the same end result. Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center’s commitment to support and nurture clients to be the best versions of themselves capture the heart, and mission, of Elite’s Dream Team. 

I had the honor of interviewing the Elite Dream Team, and it is incredible how vividly I heard and connected to their intention. What they had to say went far beyond applying routine business practices to creating a culture of connection—one to be part of… See their powerful responses below:  

What Makes Elite Unique and Different?  

The difference Elite brings to the table is that we are truly passionate about helping our clients succeed in their skincare goals. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to the purpose of having our clients feel and look their absolute best. 

Jennie, Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2016 

Elite is different in its own way, because of the incredible team we have and the experience we bring. We focus on our clients, not what is the next, new med spa trend. I feel we truly take a different approach to help people feel more confident in their own skin. 

Christa, Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2021  

We genuinely care about our clients and each other, as a whole. When it comes to our clients, we are committed to results, and we strive to help clients not only love their skin on the outside but boost their self-love entirely.  

Cindy, Office Manager | Elite Dream Team 2013 

What is Your Favorite Treatment? 

This question is always hard because it is equivalent to asking your mom who her favorite kid is. I love them all!!! But, fine, if I had to pick one, everyone loves a good HydraFacial. That deep cleansing of your skin is amazing!! 

 Julia, Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2018 

Dermaplaning, dermaplaning, dermaplaning… It gives your skin a clean slate and is perfect for makeup lovers—baby smooth skin. 

Ashley, Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2016

What is Your Personal Skincare Routine?  

My skincare routine involves PCA SKIN BPO Cleanser, PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner a couple of times a week, & PCA Hydraluxe Moisturizer. 

Katelyn, Office Manager | Elite Dream Team 2018 

My personal skincare routine is an oil-based moisturizer, light exfoliation from time to time, and drinking plenty of water! 

Brandi, Office Coordinator | Elite Dream Team 2021 

In the mornings, I wash with EltaMD Deep Pore Facial Cleanser or PCA SKIN Pigment Bar. Then, I use PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner, PCA SKIN Rejuvenating Serum, and PCA SKIN Ideal Complex Eye Gel. My moisturizer lately is PCA SKIN Rebalance, partnered with UV Daily Tinted Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. At night, I wipe off my makeup with PCA SKIN Makeup Removing Wipes and cleanse again. I will usually spot treat with PCA SKIN Pigment Gel® HQ Free or PCA SKIN Brightening Retinol. Then, I use PCA  PCA SKIN Ideal Complex Eye Gel and moisturize with EltaMD PM Therapy Facial Moisturizer or PCA SKIN Hydraluxe, depending on how thirsty my skin is. 

Rachel, Lead Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2012

What Do You Love the Most About Your Elite Dream Team? 

I love our Elite Dream Team because there is never a time when I feel I cannot be myself. I consider this team family, and every one is unique and beautiful, inside and out. 

Victoria, Treatment Provider | Elite Dream Team 2021 

I love how we’re all close with each other and have that ‘family’ feel. 

Tatyana, Office Coordinator | Elite Dream Team 2020 

If You Could Describe Your Experience Working at Elite in One Word, What Would it Be?

  • Inspiring  
  • Rewarding  
  • Motivating  
  • Blessed 
  • Life-Changing  
  • Exciting  
  • ELITE 
  • Unreal 
  • Empowering
  • Fulfilling

I want to finish this amazing interview with an inspiring African Proverb, describing perfectly the vision of Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center.  

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

Whether your skincare goals are centered on rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, brightening or treating hyperpigmentation, a combination approach, or are simply focused on maintenance, the Elite Dream Team will help you get there. Come be a part of the Elite family—let’s get where you want to go, together.

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