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The Heart behind the Elite Artist

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Connection—a word used in the business world to say “I know somebody.” Connections can be used as currency, bringing value to doors that can open for you and to the many places those open doors may take you. The truth is, connections can be your ticket to a world of possibilities.  

On the other hand, have you ever asked yourself what holds connections together? What is the bridge linking one person to another? And what can hold such a bridge up for so long? I believe I might have an answer to these questions… 







The value people around us hold goes beyond anything we may be able to see. Connection with one another makes us feel as though we belong. There is an innate beauty in connection and the gift of relationship. While we can collectively say not all relationships are the easiest, when we analyze them closely, we can say with certainty that connections have taken us further in life. For that, we can be grateful.  

Here at Elite, we value our people. The connections we build are treasured and nourished. Our team, as you may have noticed while reading our previous blog, is flourishing, due to the people who make up the Elite team. In today’s blog, I want to show you the heart beyond the artist.

In our lobby, you will find beautiful pieces of art created by an amazing local artist, Chelsea Neal. An interesting fact you may not know about Chelsea is that she used to be a receptionist at Elite before deciding to become a full-time artist. 

We value the precious connection we have with Chelsea, so we felt the need to interview her, too.  

“What or who is your biggest inspiration?” 

I am forever inspired by the works of John Singer Sergent. He was able to create such effortless beauty in his fabrics and interiors, and his use of  color is stunning. I also get a lot of my inspiration from nature and food—two of life’s biggest joys! You will see lots of fish and seafood in my repertoire, and the challenge of getting the subjects of my oil paintings to look shiny and have depth is a fun one to tackle. My favorite compliment is when people tell me they thought that was a real fish! 

“Tell us about your favorite piece?” 

I’d have to say one of my favorite, and most epic, commissions is my Napa Valley winery painting. My client sent me a few bottles of wine as models, and I was free to create this very large still-life to adorn their beautiful guest home on the property. The approach I have for all of my paintings comes from a love for interior design. It is so satisfying to be able to create a piece of art to enhance an already beautiful space, much like what I had the pleasure of doing for the lovely new lobby of Elite! I am always honored when I am able to be part of a project like this.

“Your piece at Elite’s new location looks amazing! Can you tell us more about your experience while working there?” 

Family! I always felt right at home during my time with Elite, and I am so happy to have kept in touch with everyone, even though I have since moved to Maryland. 

“What do you love most about your Elite team?” 

I have always loved the individual care Elite gives each client. It is so  nice to have a skincare and treatment plan catered just to you. During each visit, your provider has knowledge of your treatment history, so your skincare goals can be achieved safely and efficiently. 

“What do you think makes Elite unique and different?”

Elite has such a personal and caring approach to their clients. Whether  you’re going in for laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, skin tightening, or a soothing facial, your treatment provider takes the time to listen to your individual goals, discuss your needs, and you work together to make it happen! The staff is so knowledgeable and is always available to answer any questions or concerns while also providing you with how to care for your skin after your treatment and in-between visits. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a customized treatment plan just for you! 

“Lastly, what is your favorite treatment and why?” 

I have always loved microdermabrasion treatments—such a simple and easy treatment but makes your skin feel good as new afterward! 

“If our people want to find more information about your awards,  showings, and displays, where can they go?”

My paintings can be found in some pretty cool places and homes around  the United States. I have two originals hanging in a PGA tour golf club in Connecticut, a large commissioned piece in a beautiful Napa Valley winery, and, closest to Houston, in Killens Burgers in Pearland. I come home to The Woodlands twice a year for the Market Street Fine Art Show in the fall and spring, and I also have a small home decor shop with my mom in Champions Forest. 

You can view my work and contact me with commission inquiries  through my website: 

I am also on Instagram & Facebook @ElkingtonStudio.

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