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Pay It Forward

Have you ever walked through a forest wondering how everything around you became what it is today—how did it all start? Being in the presence of ancient trees with so much history, trees with roots so deep that you can tell how many storms they have endured because of the strength within them. They are connected, they protect each other, and they clothe one another with beauty. The forest is full of history and magic, all birthed by seeds. Every tree and every flower that fills the forest was once a seed. One became two, two became twenty, and years on, they became an inspiration or beauty multiplied. There is so much connection within this ecosystem, because everything functions together to help everything else in the community grow and thrive. 

We all have something to give: love, ideas, creativity, time, gifts, acts of service, and much, much more. So, we can say that, at some point, we are connected with others, right? Here at Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center we embrace our connectivity with others and aspire to “pay it forward.” One way we express that is through our new, innovative referral program for our members.

Elite Rewards Program

Yes, Elite Members can receive a reward every time they invest in themselves. Is that amazing or what?! Every time a member has an Elite experience, they receive an award. It’s that easy! From purchasing treatments and products for yourself to inviting your friends and family to come enjoy Elite’s customizable skincare plans, YOU can earn rewards to use toward future purchases. 

Show Elite Some Love, Earn A Reward

Through writing a review or inviting a friend to join you in enjoying all the amazing treatments that Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center has to offer, YOU GET A REWARD! 

Yes, I know, we aren’t giving many details about this program, and that is the point! We only share our secrets with our members. If you are an Elite Member, or desire to be one, you know where to find us!

Pay it forward! When you have something good in your hands, why not share it? Why not help others feel the way you do? We are all different, and we look different, but in the end, we are all connected. Just like the forest and its seeds, we need each other to grow and thrive. Let’s help each other shine by paying it forward, not only making your heart feel good but also making you stronger. We look forward to helping you do just that by introducing you, and your friends, to our Elite membership, our new rewards program!