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Our Premium Members Now Have Access to Childcare! What!?!?

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Have you heard? Elite wants to take care of you by providing childcare for your family during your time with us—no need to sacrifice either coveted treatments or your peace of mind. We want to take care of the Elite kid! This is why Elite has created a center for your little ball of energy. An area full of toys, expert care, love, and entertainment. No more planning ahead for childcare when you need to have a little time for yourself.

Parenting life is the best, but its beauty is not without challenges. When the flu hits home, and everyone is sick, one after the other, or at the same time, parents are the only ones with magic healing kisses and comforting hugs. You know what? Maybe we should be the superheroes in the next Marvel movie! We can catch the sippy cup before it hits the floor, we know when our kids are lying, and we can whip up a gourmet dinner with a can of cream of something soup and a slow cooker. I mean, we can rule the day, given enough coffee! Flex those biceps, my friends!

But, when you’re running on empty, not to mention sleep-deprived, pampering gets thrown right out the window. Who has the time, am I right?! But we’ve changed that just for you! 

Let us introduce you to Beverly, our new Child Care Coordinator at Elite. As parents, we want to know who’s running the show. For this reason, we have completed the interview process for you. 

Tell us more about yourself and what you do at Elite: 

My name is Beverly Lloyd, and I am the childcare coordinator at Elite. I look forward to hanging out with the little ones and giving them space to have fun in a safe environment. I have had the joy of working with children for many years and love seeing the energy they bring to any room. I spend most of my free time hanging out with my family and friends and being very active at my church.

What is the new kids’ section all about, and what is the process for using it?

The new kids’ section is fantastic! Its purpose is to provide a stress-free experience for parents while allowing the kiddos a fun place to hang out. 

For peace of mind, we have established a straightforward system to use the new kids’ center. Here are the two easy options:

  • Purchase a Premium membership, which gives you 15 hours of care per calendar year, along with many other benefits, for a very reasonable price:
    • Double Reward Points for Treatment Add-Ons
    • FREE Tier 1 Service for Your Birthday
    • Sneak Peek of Monthly Specials – you’ll have the opportunity to snag sales before anyone else!
    • Extra 5% Discount Once a Quarter*
    • Injectable Services at an Exclusive Price
    • Added rewards** – Ask us for specifics!
  • Pay as you go, $30 an hour/per child.
What makes the kids’ section unique?

The kids’ area is unique and cutting-edge, as it is not very common in this industry. I am excited to be part of something so innovative.

There you have it, folks! Elite is ahead of the times once again; only this time, we’re partnering with you to provide an additional avenue to you getting the skin you’ve always wanted. Elite is thinking about our treasured clients in every way possible. Sometimes life gets tricky, but your skin care appointment doesn’t have to be.

See you at Elite!

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