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LED Light and Energy Facial

LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment

At Elite, we offer LED Light Therapy for many reasons. Whether you want to reduce inflammation in your skin, create collagen, or simply reduce the signs of aging, Light and Energy Facial Treatment is for you!


Our High-Frequency LED Light Therapy treatment addresses a range of skin concerns, including acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, and hair growth. This technology stimulates cell renewal and improves skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming the skin’s surface. We tend to utilize this treatment after treating your skin with many of our other cosmetic skin care treatments. The safe, oxygenating power of high-frequency electrical currents improves the skin’s appearance by doing the following:

  • Enhancing blood circulation
  • Increasing collagen and elastin production
  • Eliminating toxins and acne-causing bacteria
  • Encouraging lymphatic drainage
  • Safely exfoliating dead skin cells
  • Stimulate hair growth

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What is an LED Light Therapy Facial Treatment?

This treatment is ideal for aging skin, as it firms and tones through a rush of circulation to the skin and subtle tissue warming. Underlying blood vessels and tiny muscle groups naturally contract during treatment, pushing away toxins. This increased blood circulation and cell renewal give your skin a feast of increased nutrients and hydrating volume. Collagen and elastin production also improves, softening and smoothing skin, reducing pore size, and improving overall texture.

The high-frequency current also promotes natural cleansing and antibacterial action, helping to treat existing acne and preventing the onset of new acne. If you have cystic acne, you will benefit significantly from this treatment’s deep-penetrating, germicidal action. Your skin will feel energized, refreshed, and noticeably softer, even after one session. The enriched oxygen molecules produced by high-frequency machines are safe and have proven effective in healing and restoring the skin’s health.

We combine this with our LED light therapy. LED light therapy is excellent for treating acne, reducing inflammation, and promoting anti-aging effects.

How does the treatment work?

LED light therapy has a history of skin uses. The U.S. Navy SEALs began utilizing it in the 1990s to heal wounds quickly and regenerate damaged muscle tissues. Since then, researchers have tested the treatment for different aesthetics. LED light Therapy is well-known for increasing collagen and tissues. Collagen production smooths out your skin and reduces the appearance of damage from age spots, acne, and wrinkles. LED light treatment uses different wavelengths to treat the skin, including red and blue light frequencies. These light frequencies do not contain ultraviolet rays and are easily absorbed into the skin.

Blue Light

Blue Light therapy possesses powerful antibacterial properties. These attributes are excellent for the treatment of acne without irritating the skin. This Therapy also reduces oil production, prevents future breakouts, and offers a UV-free alternative for treating eczema and psoriasis.

Red Light

Red Light Therapy increases the skin’s natural hydration levels, reduces redness and inflammation, shrinks the appearance of pores, regulates oil production, improves circulation, and accelerates skin repair. It is the most deeply absorbed wavelength and increases cell permeability and absorption. The treatment smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, reduces pain and inflammation, accelerates wound healing, and heals cystic acne.

What skin types should try Light Therapy?

Light Therapy is desirable for all skin types and incredible for rosacea.

Does this treatment hurt?

No, LED Light Therapy is completely non-invasive and does not hurt. All you’ll feel is a tiny bit of warmth.

Can you get a tan from light Therapy?

Nope! Light Therapy doesn’t use UV light, so there is zero risk of tanning your skin.

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