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Defying Gravity with Laser Skin Tightening

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We can’t blame Newton for the effects of gravity; he only discovered the law. Gravity affects everyone and everything, pulling relentlessly toward Earth’s center (unfortunately, down for our skin). We appreciate it for so many great and obvious things—for others, not so much. You can easily observe the effects of gravity when everything that used to be firm in your body and sharp and tight on your face is no longer in the desired condition. This is where laser skin tightening comes in. 

We know from Newton’s law of gravity that everything that goes up will, at some point, come down. The unfortunate reality is that after our 30s, we will all suffer from a lack of collagen and elastin production. Although aging with grace is a concept that we desire to embrace, we optimally want to love how we physically carry our life experiences. Gravity enhances the physical story of our faces, thus reinforcing the story of the life we each have lived. But what if we have the opportunity to defy gravity…

A more drastic approach, cosmetic surgery, is undoubtedly an option: lifting, stretching, excess skin removal, and sewing everything back into place, with little to no visible signs, is definitely an art. However, most of us cannot afford it, nor do we have the time to go through the recuperation process.

Furthermore, the side effects that can occur during and after surgery are risk factors to contend with. My intention is not to take these options from your list but, instead, to give you all the options available to you so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening is an effective, safe treatment that will restore lost collagen, provide an all-around skin lift, and encourage elasticity in your skin. This procedure fits all skin types, making every man and woman in the world an excellent candidate.

Laser Skin Tightening can help you achieve better-looking and tighter skin without the hassle or risk of surgery. Here at Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center, we have three laser treatments available for all our clients. We can compare the feeling of these treatments can to a hot stone massage. 

Viora Radio Frequency 

Viora Radio Frequency heats the collagen in the skin without damaging the epidermis (the superficial, or top, skin layer), allowing the skin to look tighter and brighter. This specific treatment is fantastic for targeting any fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend these treatments several times for a long-lasting effect, typically spaced three to four weeks apart, for better results. 

1064 ND Yag Laser Diode

Don’t get intimidated by the name. The 1064 ND Yag Laser Diode is a fabulous treatment that uses a crystal to activate an infrared light that stimulates new collagen and elastic tissue production. This laser treatment is excellent for targeting unwanted fine lines and, wrinkles and minor vascular defects (spider veins) and helps tighten the skin. For a complete list of benefits of this treatment or to discuss specific questions you have, ask an Elite expert today. 

810 NIR (Near Infra-Red) LED Treatment

810 NIR is an LED-light therapy procedure that gently stimulates the skin to produce more collagen, resulting in tighter, more youthful skin. The infrared light works by penetrating under the deeper layers of skin, leaving the surface unaffected, and heating the water in the tissue, causing the collagen fibers to tighten and contract. Fibroblast stimulation is needed to repair the skin tissue, resulting in the production of more collagen. Schedule a consultation today to get specific recommendations for your skin.

Clearlift Laser Facelift

We can call Clearlift the MVP treatment for Skin Tightening. This treatment will give you rapid, visible results. But how quickly will you see them? Some guests have seen improvement as soon as right after their first appointment. This treatment targets everything from hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, acne, redness, and rough texture. Schedule an appointment today and discover if this treatment is a great fit for you. 

Your Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center provider will formulate the perfect treatment combination for you. All of these procedures are safe and capable of giving you the specific outcome that you are looking for.

This Christmas, give yourself or your significant other a long-lasting gift, one that defies gravity. Did you know that Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center has membership options that will allow you to pick and choose your treatments to fit your budget and schedule? More than that, in being part of our Elite Membership program, you will be given discounts on products and services. It can’t get any better than that! 

We pray that this year is filled with peace, joy, prosperity, and abundant health. If nothing else, 2020 showed us how resilient we can be and has definitely brought us closer together. We’d like to take this moment to say thank you for being part of the Elite family and supporting this dream. Family is what makes this season special, and we are grateful you are a big part of it. The Elite family wishes all of our guests a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and happy New Year! 

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