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Thread Lift Trends

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During your social media scrolling, you may have encountered a trend called “Thread Lifts.” I saw one video on Instagram Reels where this lady got some tape with thread attached, hid it close to her hairline, pulled it back, and in a second, she looks so much younger and wrinkle-free. I was like, where can I learn that magic trick?! Curiosity was intense, and so many questions popped into my brain! Questions like: how long will it last? Is it uncomfortable? Can people notice the tape? 

We have all, at some point, used this phrase: “I need to start working out.” Whether we have or haven’t been successful with those intentions, rest assured, it won’t be a topic of discussion in this blog. 😉

Every human being knows the amazing benefits of an active lifestyle, including weight management, endorphin release (happy hormones), muscle strength, and overall wellness. These are just a few of my favorites; you can add all of yours to the list. But one common factor is that we all want to win the war against gravity, am I right?

If you’re in your mid-30s, you may have noticed that not everything on your body is in the same place as it was 10 or 15 years ago. That anything and everything that used to be firm might be getting a little…well, saggy.

After a little research, I discovered this that was only a demonstration to show the immediate visual results of thread lifts. True, we can’t believe everything we see on the internet, but this is why Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center wants to answer some of your questions.

What are Thread Lifts? 

Thread lifts are subtle, temporary, surgical lifts where the results can be compared to a facelift. However, instead of removing the excess skin in surgery, the provider will suspend the skin, stitch it up and lift the excess skin in the desired area. Other benefits are that this procedure causes your skin to go into “healing mode,” producing extra collagen to help your skin get tighter, brighter, and, overall, look healthier. 

This beauty phenomenon facelift alternative has revolutionized the industry. I have some close friends that may have been talking about trying this in other frontal, saggy areas if you know what I’m talking about! That will be a great topic for another blog; I will keep you posted ☺.

Who doesn’t want to look younger without undergoing full-on surgery? Me! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much we want to tell you! No need to google this one, friends; we’ve got your back. Call today to make an appointment for a free consultation. We can’t wait to show you what we can accomplish together! 

“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.” –S.E. Hinton


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