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Elite Partnership to End Human Trafficking

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Elite has thrived for many years, committed to helping men and women feel better about the skin they’re in (myself included), helping us feel more confident and more beautiful. But Elite’s heart doesn’t stop there, and as part of the Houston community, we want to do more.

Redeemed Ministries – Fighting to End Human Trafficking

This is why we have partnered with Redeemed Ministries, a nonprofit addressing the needs of women who are prisoners of human trafficking. Redeemed Ministry has an eight-bed safe house called “Sparrow House.” This ministry serves to hold space for survivors to heal from the traumas of their past. In addition to aiding survivors escape from the dark grips of human trafficking, Redeemed Ministry is also hands-on with respect to awareness, informing the community, and emphasizing legislative advocacy.

According to the U.S. Department of State’s website, there are an estimated 24.9 million victims of human sex trafficking globally at any time. This is an unnerving statistic that should motivate us to be a part of the solution to #endhumantrafficking.

You Can Help, Fight Human Trafficking, Too

Out of all the things we can choose to do in this world, out of all the decisions we make and options we encounter every day, sharing hope with others needs to be the one thing we never stop doing. We should always remember that, at some point in life, we all need a ray of sunshine, hope, love, grace, or even faith in times of struggle.

I never want to forget the overwhelming feeling of gratitude when someone takes you by the hand and inspires you for a better tomorrow. That person is a Godsend, assuring you that pain is temporary and this too shall pass. From The Message, 2 Corinthians 4:17 states: “These hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us.” I don’t know about you, but I’ll receive that with both hands! May God bless you and give you the love and health you need to keep moving forward. 

Fundraising Event to Support Redeemed Ministries

Elite has made the commitment to be a part of the solution to end human trafficking. As part of our Elite family, we want you to be a part of an amazing fundraising event: 

When: December 3, 2022, from 10 am–2 pm  

Where: Elite Medical and Skin Laser Center

25501 Richards Rd Suite 102

Spring  TX  77386

 What: This family-friendly event will have locally famous food trucks, incredible live music, always-popular bake sales, a bouncy house, and more! 

Raffles: We will have an in-house raffle starting on November 14 through the day of the fundraising event. You can come to your appointment at Elite and purchase as many tickets as you want. For all our participants’ convenience, you can buy raffle tickets over the phone at 281-214-7777. 

Together, we can do more. All profits from this event will be donated to Redeemed Ministry to help restore the lives of many female survivors of human trafficking in the Houston area. If, while reading this post, your heartfelt moved to do more, or if would like to be part of this effort for a longer period of time, you can also donate directly to Redeemed Ministry at this link: 

Thank you, family, from the bottom of our hearts!

“Your character is most accurately measured by how you treat those who can do nothing for you.” 

—Mother Theresa 

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