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viora body contouring

A Little Bit Here and There

Well, just like that, the holidays are over, and a new year has begun. Welcome, 2021! 

During this time of the year, the search for higher salaries, conversations about fitness goals, and the quest for weight loss have begun—exercising, more sleep, meal prepping, fewer carbs, more vegetables, and on and on and on… The thought of it all makes me tired, honestly. We know that we need all of these in order to have a healthy lifestyle. I get that, and we should each be moving toward reaching these goals, for sure. On the other hand, my grandma used to say, “How can an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” So, I’m cheering for you from the other side of the screen. If you have any goals in 2021 to improve your health…

Go for it! 

You got this!

I believe in you!

Get it done!

You are doing great!

When making plans to achieve your goals, you probably looked for help from nutritionists, doctors, personal trainers, maybe even considered getting, or purchased, a gym membership to get your workouts done. You’re off to a great start, so keep it going. And, if you’ve not taken any steps, yet, but you want to, that’s okay, too—stop shaming yourself and turn up the volume on your positive self-talk! We all have to start from where we are. The important thing is just to start. As part of your cheering team, I want to give you another tool that I hope will assist you in achieving your fitness goals. 

I know a LOT of people that exercise multiple times a week and have for years. A secret? Most of them still have a little something they would love to change. You’ve heard it all before: “I would love to have less fat here,” “I would love to have smoother skin in some areas,” “I wish I could get rid of this cellulite and these scars.” You know I’m right because most of us have spoken these words into our lives at some point in time. Maybe even in the last few days. 

Let’s not take drastic measures, here… While surgery can create something new and improved out of most everything, it is not always a viable option—it can be too costly or simply not medically feasible—which is why you need Elite on your team. We offer a non-invasive and painless alternative with no side effects and great results, fast. I told you I would encourage you! 

Viora Reaction Body Contouring is revolutionizing the industry by being the first and only FDA-approved treatment to reduce fat and tighten skin! This is now one of the top requested services at Elite, and we want YOU to know all about it. 

How it Works… 

The Viora Reaction Body Contouring treatment utilizes radiofrequency and vacuum therapy to help shrink fat deposits.  Viora can also be customized to target skin tightening in the body, where there is lax skin, for those who have achieved significant weight loss or are post-pregnancy. A huge advantage to the treatment is that there is little-to-no downtime, and it is even recommended to work out post-treatment to help flush out toxins. 

Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center has improved on this amazing treatment by utilizing Vacuum Therapy which increases blood circulation and improves drainage of the lymphatic system, or your body’s sewage system. Your body can more efficiently flush metabolic waste, which will result in noticeably less fat buildup. Body contouring will not only improve the appearance of trouble areas but will also make you feel better, too. A two-for-one? I will take it!

How long have you been waiting to see a change in your physical appearance? Are you not particular about what you do to achieve it? The truth is, I genuinely believe that you are beautiful no matter what. I mean it! That said, if you think you need an extra hand, give Elite a call—not so others can see a difference, but for you, so that you can walk more confidently and become fiercer than ever, in your own skin. 

From the Elite family, we wish you a great start to the year full of blessings, health, unity, and love for you and your family. 

Lastly, remember…

“Growth is growth, no matter how small.”

Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center