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We have all, at some point, used this phrase: “I need to start working out.” Whether we have or haven’t been successful with those intentions, rest assured, it won’t be a topic of discussion in this blog. ;)  Every human being knows the amazing benefits of an active lifestyle, including weight management, endorphin release (happy hormones), muscle strength, and overall wellness. These are just a few of my favorites; you can add all of yours to

Most trends circle back around, for better or worse. Right now, I see the younger generation wearing things I loved wearing in the 90s. The baggie pants, over-sized shirts, clear plastics shoes—they all bring back the nostalgia of my youth, as well as the questionable fashion choices of the time. I have thought many times, had I saved those outfits would I be wearing them again now? I know… who am I kidding? I'm at

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