Body Contouring Service in Spring, TX

Help Reduce Cellulite, Tighten Skin, & More

Body Contouring Service in Spring, TX

Do you want tightened, toned skin with minimal cellulite? At Elite Medical Skin & Laser Center, our innovative FDA-approved Viora Reaction™ body contouring procedures can re-contour your body as well as improve your skin's tone and texture. There are no side effects and no downtime is required after the procedure.

We use body contouring services in order to achieve the following:

  • Cellulite reduction- Viora Reaction™ is designed to treat cellulite at the source of the fat deposits and provide lasting results. This treatment takes up to half an hour.
  • Skin Tightening- Viora Reaction™ strengthens collagen underneath the skin to tighten areas of skin such as the cheeks, brows, forehead, neck, and more. These treatments take 20 minutes.

What is Viora Reaction™ Body Contouring?

before and after effect of viora

The first and currently only FDA-approved treatment of its kind on the market, Viora Reaction™ body contouring is one of our top-requested services at Elite Medical Skin and Laser Center. Viora Reaction™ combines radio frequency energy and vacuum therapy to safely and comfortably stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Viora Reaction™ is designed to treat cellulite at the source while also strengthening collagen fibers, resulting in toned, smooth skin. Its technology has two different processes in order to achieve natural, lasting results.

Cellulite Reduction

The radio frequency waves move deeply underneath the skin, targeting large fat deposits to increase metabolism and reduce the volume of fat cells while the vacuum therapy increases blood circulation and improves the drainage of lymphatic fluids. This process usually takes up to a half hour with minimal discomfort, reportedly feeling more like a deep tissue massage.

Areas where cellulite is most commonly present, such as the abdomen, thighs, underarms and buttocks, can benefit from Viora Reaction™ body contouring.

Skin Tightening

For collagen fibers in the skin that have weakened due to age, significant weight loss or other factors, Viora Reaction’s™ radio frequency waves promote bonding and strengthening to the existing collagen underneath the dermis. The contraction of these loose or sagging tissues creates immediate tightening effects.

Common areas where excess skin is visible such as the cheeks, brows, jowls, sensitive areas of the eyes and forehead, neck and upper torso can be treated effectively. Skin tightening treatments are typically about 20 minutes long.Viora Reaction™ body contouring has also, in some cases, reduced the appearance of stretch marks in the hip, calf and underarm areas.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Designed with comfort and safety in mind, Viora Reaction™ body contouring and skin tightening have no common side effects as long as all guidelines and precautions are followed. These treatments are require no downtime. Our treatment providers are extensively trained in this technology, and you will be informed prior to treatment of any additional safety information.

For optimal results, patients are often advised to receive 4-8 Reaction™ sessions for cellulite reduction and 3-5 sessions for skin tightening, although this may differ from person to person. The medical team will use their knowledge base of various skin types and conditions to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

Body contouring gives our patients effective results in a short amount of time. To learn more about the procedure and our other Spring medical spa treatments, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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